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About Us



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Our Commitment to Quality

eBioscience is committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative reagents in an ISO certified facility. As a provider of more than 10,000 products, we empower our customers worldwide to obtain exceptional results by using reagents that offer a new standard of excellence in the areas of innovation, quality and value.

Quality Control Processes

1. Single-cell subcloning of hybridomas

2. Antibody purity checks

  • Gel electrophoresis
  • HPLC

3. Antibody conjugation

  • For flow cytometry reagents, fluorochrome-to-antibody ratios are optimized for each clone to achieve the best signal-to-noise.

4. Final products are tested for their performance in the most common applications including:

  • Surface and intracellular flow cytometry
  • Functional assays (e.g., in vitro activation or neutralization).

5. In addition, selected products are tested by immunohistochemical staining of frozen issues, immunoprecipitation, and immunoblotting.

  • FG purified antibodies, recommended for bioassays and in vivo studies, are asceptically produced and further tested for endotoxin level.